Tuesday, 3 November 2015


A decade or so ago, stockbrokers were the only avenue for trading in stocks. These knowledgeable men and women would be responsible for taking orders, scanning the market, and handling the buying and selling process. Thanks to the Internet though, interested individuals no longer have to rely on stockbrokers as online platforms have made it easier. As Toronto native Dr. Leslie Griesdorf can attest, there are numerous benefits of using online means,

Dr Leslie Griesdorf

The obvious benefit to trading stocks online is that you have full control of the process. This was one of the disadvantages when stockbrokers had control on the process. Often, they had the power to refuse a trade if the broker thought it was not going to benefit the client. While this saved the client from investing poorly, it also meant they couldn’t take risks that sometimes led to lucrative returns. With an online platform, you get to make all the decisions.

Because stockbrokers relied on their knowledge and years of business school education to help their clients, they charged large commissions on the trades they facilitated. These commissions ate into the clients’ returns. With the dawn of the Internet, many stock brokerage firms compete for clients by offering attractive benefits, including low commissions and appealing technology.

Most importantly, when it comes to online stock trading, you don’t need years of experience to try your hand at it. You just need to be willing to put in the research and time to learn the basics and you are ready to start trading.

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is a retired dentist who spends most of his time trading in stocks. He lives in Ontario with his family.

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