Friday, 23 February 2018

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf: Benefits of Family Time

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf retired from his career as a dentist in 2004, but he’s never lost the compassion and kindness that led him to medicine in the first place. Today, he’s a semi-retired investor who makes use of every spare moment to bond with friends and family. Previous Post:
Benefits like those touched on below might encourage you to take Dr. Leslie Griesdorf’s lead and reprioritize for more family time in your own household:

  • Create Lasting Memories When you’re spending time with your family, you’re creating lasting memories that will form close bonds. This is especially so with children, who can look back at time spent with families positively and find happiness in knowing they got to bond with loved ones. To make family time more memorable, spend less time going out to eat and more going out for experiences. From fishing and hiking to arcades and laser tag, true experiences leave better impressions.
  • Reduce Stress Spending time with your family allows you to forget about the daily stressors in your life and enjoy the moment. Laughing, smiling, sharing stories (not related to work or your stressors), cooking meals and trying new things can all release feel-good hormones for the benefit of everyone involved.
For better stress-busting, pick active experiences over sedentary ones. When Dr. Leslie Griesdorf spends time with his family, he doesn’t go into thinking of the exact benefits, and you don’t have to either. Instead, he sets an excellent example by living in the moment and being happy to have his loved ones nearby, and the benefits just make it that much more enjoyable.