Monday, 11 December 2017

Leslie Griesdorf: Supporter of the Canadian Dental Association

Leslie Griesdorf served the Ontario community as a professional dentist for more than 30 years. Throughout his career, Leslie Griesdorf was known as a caring and committed practitioner; someone truly invested in his patients’ oral health, as well as someone who never turned a patient away, day or night, from getting the treatment they deserved.
Over the course of his career, Griesdorf was a proud and consistent member of the Canadian Dental Association, a professional organization that is dedicated not only to constant support of dentists throughout the country, but which is also committed to raising awareness of dental health issues throughout Canada.
As Griesdorf knows, the Canadian Dental Association has been a crucial ally of and advocate for professional dentists, and their staff, for many years. The Canadian Dental Association has stood up for dentists on numerous issues, including the taxation of dental benefits plans, and has also played an instrumental role in the implementation of widespread fluoridation of municipal water supplies throughout Canada. They are also responsible for the Canadian Dental Association Seal of Recognition, which is aimed at helping all Canadians make the best choices in regards to their oral health.
Retired in 2004, Leslie Griesdorf continues to support the mission of the Canadian Dental Association.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Leslie Griesdorf a Brown Belt Through Instruction at Northern Karate Schools

Leslie Griesdorf’s professional associations reflect his interests both professional and personal, spanning his passions and hobbies of a lifetime.  In addition to his memberships in the Ontario Dental Association and the Canadian Dental Association, Griesdorf has also been a devoted member of the Northern Karate School.  Northern Karate Schools have been educating students in martial arts for over four decades, recognized by, Toronto Life, Toronto Sun, News4Kids and other prominent Toronto and Canadian agencies.

Northern Karate School is a top-flight martial arts educator in Canada with multiple locations and annual camps to serve its students.  Northern Karate School also offers certified black belt instructors who emphasize safety and personal attention.  Dr. Leslie Griesdorf has worked out 4 times a week since his high school days, and his long-time study at Northern Karate School allowed him to reach a brown belt in the discipline.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Leslie Griesdorf: Why Semi-Retirement?

Leslie Griesdorf retired from a successful, decades-long career as a dentist in 2004. Today, though, Leslie Griesdorf hasn’t completely abandoned work. Instead, he invests in the stock market and enjoys learning as much as he can about his new professional focus.

Semi-retirement is becoming more and more popular today. Professionals like Leslie Griesdorf find happiness in their free time, but also in keeping busy. Benefits like those below are some of many:
  • Work Feels Good
Working a dead-end job or in a field you dislike might not feel good, but doing what you love does. Previously, occupying your time to stave off boredom was a big concern for retirees, but for those who choose semi-retirement, it’s not an issue.
When you retire, you can start a career that you take pleasure in, and it will help keep you busy, happy and fulfilled.
  • Work Keeps You Social
Maintaining a social life, like staying busy, was also a past concern for new retirees. When you keep working, though, you will not lose touch with society. You’ll stay busy, meet new people and build a new social network so you don’t feel isolated or alone.
If you start a business when you retire, you can choose who you work with, too.
Before you leap into semi-retirement, speak with a retirement advisor to determine if you’re ready. Dr. Leslie Griesdorf built a stable career and an excellent reputation before he retired, and because he waited until he was prepared, he thoroughly enjoys his new life.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Leslie Griesdorf: Ways To Maximize Your Opportunity for Academic Success

Though now retired, Leslie Griesdorf enjoyed a long and successful career in the dental field. As owner and operator of his own dental practice for more than three decades. Dr. Leslie Griesdorf built a reputation as a caring and compassionate dental treatment provider, something that underpinned his success not only as a member of the dental field, but also as an invaluable part of the Toronto community.

Prior to Leslie Griesdorf’s career, he had achieved and enjoyed considerable success as a student, flourishing at both the high school and college levels through much of his academic tenure.
As Griesdorf knows, hard work and commitment are central to success as a student, no matter the field of study. Improving one’s study habits, however, can do wonders in terms of increasing your ability to absorb, process and utilize learned information more effectively. Such improvements include:
  • Minimizing needless distractions
  • Keeping Your Body in Motion
  • Diligently Organizing Your Notes
  • Ensuring Your Study Space is Quiet
  • Knuckling Down and Doing the Work Necessary

Attaining academic success, as Leslie Griesdorf knows, requires discipline, determination and an unwavering desire to succeed.

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Friday, 30 June 2017

Leslie Griesdorf: 3 Basic Stances of Karate

Formerly a karate student at the Northern Karate School, Leslie Griesdorf is grateful for the opportunity he had to receive and benefit from the school’s comprehensive karate training. As a dedicated student, Leslie Griesdorf received and absorbed lessons on not only various fighting moves, but also the discipline and self-control that is required to achieve any sort of success in the martial art.
Reaching the level of Brown Belt, Leslie Griesdorf received thorough instruction on the many aspects of karate; lessons he values to this day.
As Griesdorf has learned, Karate is more-or-less built on the foundation of three basic stances. These include:
1. Shizentai-Dachi
Considered the “natural” or walking stance, Shizentai-Dachi is when your feet are spread apart at a natural width, your front foot is pointing forward and your back foot, which is located at a 45-degree angle, is directed behind you.
2. Zenkutsu-Dachi
Zenkutsu-Dachi (front stance) is much like the Shizentai-Dachi stance, only your feet are spread further apart and most of your weight is planted on your front leg.
3. Nekoashi-Dachi

Referred to as the back stance, or “Cat stance,” Nekoashi-Dachi consists of your foot positioned much like it is in the walking stance, with your weight primarily hoisted upon your back leg.
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