Friday, 20 April 2018

Leslie Griesdorf: Oral Health Starts at Home

Leslie Griesdorf understands the importance maintaining an adequate, consistent oral care routine. A Toronto-area dentist for over three decades, Leslie Griesdorf Dentist worked with to encourage patients to become more active participants in their own oral health; to show his patients that a large part of any healthy smile is the discipline to brush, floss and maintain healthy teeth and gums on a regular and consistent basis.

 As Leslie Griesdorf knows, there are generally-accepted oral care behaviors that enable anyone to take control over their own oral health, and to work toward the bright and beautiful smile they deserve. For starters:

Brush Twice a Day
The “brush your teeth twice a day” mantra has been a favorite of dentists for decades, though it is no less true today than it was 30, 40, even 50 years ago. It’s important for patients to commit themselves to the 2-a-day routine, and to practice a technique that thoroughly cleans every area of their mouths during each session.

Replace Your Toothbrush When Necessary
Toothbrushes, like anything else, lose their effectiveness over time. It’s important to replace brushes every 3-4 months, or when the brush becomes frayed or damaged.

Floss Thoroughly and Regularly 
Flossing is perhaps the most overlooked of oral health behaviors, but also perhaps one of the most important. Thorough, regular flossing is key to the prevention of gingivitis, plaque and gum disease.