Friday, 16 March 2018

Leslie Griesdorf: The Value of Exercise

Leslie Griesdorf takes his health and his longevity seriously. A retired dentist of the Toronto community, Leslie Griesdorf devotes time every week to a well-established workout routine; something that not only keeps him physically active, but which is central to maintaining good physical fitness, a healthy body and the physical and mental alertness he needs to get the most from retirement.
Leslie Griesdorf has been exercising, up to four times every week, since his high school days, and shows no signs of giving up that routine anytime soon. Griesdorf values not only what regular exercise does for both his mind and body, but the benefits it has provided him throughout much of his life.

Regular exercise can:
Improve your mood. Whether you’re in need of an emotional boost or would simply like to vent some stress, a physical workout provides a great way to elevate your mood.
Help control your weight. When performed on a regular basis, exercise can help you shed and keep off those extra, unwanted pounds. Physical activity burns off calories and when combined with a healthy diet, can be a great way to achieve a healthier weight.
Disease and ailment prevention. Regular exercise is key to staving off such conditions as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even some forms of cancer.