Friday, 25 May 2018

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf: How to Start Investing

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf retired from his private dental practice in 2004 and now enjoys a part-time career as an investment professional. Dentist Leslie Griesdorf 's learned much about trading in the stock market over the past decade, and he’s built a solid investment portfolio that continues to grow. Whenever possible, he offers investing advice to his friends and family so they too can enjoy financial freedom.

If you’d like to join Dr. Leslie Griesdorf and start investing, the following points will help you pick the safest way to start making your money work for you:
  • Open a Retirement Account
If you don’t have a retirement account, now’s the time to open one. It’s an excellent way to start investing for your future, and it’ll help you ensure financial security when you’re ready to stop working. Contribute as much as possible to your retirement account before you begin investing your money elsewhere.
  • Research the Investment Landscape
Pick up a beginner’s book on investing and read it cover-to-cover before you do anything more than save for retirement. Make sure it’s a recent edition that keeps up with the modern investment landscape – when you’re done with the book, you’ll have a better heading for where you’d like to put your money.

If you’re ready to start investing today, consider a conversation with someone like Dr. Leslie Griesdorf or with a local financial investor before you begin.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf: Are You Ready to Invest?

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is a retired dentist who earned a reputation for his trustworthy, friendly demeanor over nearly four decades of practice. Today, he’s enjoying semi-retirement as an investment professional and, since 2004, he’s steadily increased his understanding of the stock market.

Investing is a big step, even for retired professionals like Dr. Leslie Griesdorf, and it’s critical to begin at the right time. The following points will help you determine if you’re ready to invest or if you still have some preparing to do:
  • Are You in Debt? If you have credit card debt, or another high-interest debt account that needs to be paid off, you’re not ready to invest. Take care of your debts and then worry about investing to grow your finances as quickly as possible.  
  • Do You Have Savings? If you don’t have savings to fall back on in hard times, you’re not ready to invest. Most successful investors keep an emergency savings account to protect them from unforeseen issues in addition to the money they place into investments.
For a deeper look at your personal wealth situation, consult with someone like dentist Leslie Griesdorf from your close circle of friends or contact a financial advisor today. Sometimes an outside opinion can help you see something you’re missing.